Florida Probate and Estate Planning Document Assistance Blog Page provides self-represented individuals and pro se parties information and assistance on handling their own estate planning and small probate matters.

Thank you for visiting our blog page for Florida Probate and Estate Planning Document Assistance. We are a nonlawyer legal document preparation service helping those individuals throughout the State of Florida contemplating representing themselves in a small estate summary administration probate matter. Also, we can help you with estate planning documents.  

Our mission is to help our customers and the general public have the confidence and the ability to afford nonlawyer legal document preparation services by representing themselves in court where they may not have thought they had those options otherwise.

We have created categories and posts on this blog page to help self-represented individuals and pro se parties make essential decisions regarding choosing a legal document preparation service and whether or not choosing to represent themselves in a legal matter is a viable option.

We also discuss various services we provide, including probate summary administration, ancillary summary administration, last will, advance healthcare directives, ladybird deeds, and more. 

Please remember that any writing in our blog posts should not be construed as legal advice. If you need legal advice or have a complex legal matter, please get in touch with a Florida Bar attorney immediately.